Nike watches for Men

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Nike is a well known brand in the sports and fitness related stuffs and products. And in the recent times Nike has tried their hands even in the production of the sport watches and saw the success even in this field, by producing the ever cool and stainless sport watches. Even before Nike there were many sports watch manufacturers available in the market but Nike, just like its name brought stiffness and the coolness in its watches which was the reason that took the brand so high among the people at the present time.

Nike is always preferred by the millions of people all over the world for any kind of stylish sportswear from the top to the bottom, and the watches were the only thing they were lagging behind in, but with the release of the watches they are totally complete and has become all rounder in almost every field.Nike Sports Watches for Men

Nike is mainly preferred due to its great varieties of watches like that of Nike running watches, Nike sport watches, Nike women’s watches, Nike digital watches, Nike watches for men and much more. You also get nike watches for men with heart rate monitors, nike watches with pedometers, nike watches with GPS and also Nike watches with Calorie counter which is really cool and good with respect to the health related query.

Nike Watches for Men are considered as the best watches for any sports person who is indulged in any kind of sport whether it is cricket or football or basketball and so on, as the watches are stainless, inbuilt with sensors, even you get GPS, the watches are water resistant, with clear and good digital appearance, and much more, so why would any choose a sport watch rather than Nike.

Nike watches for men + sports watch GPS and its specifications


This is one of the sport watches to steal the hearts of the millions of the athletes and the sportsmen all over the world, due to its cool and awesome specifications, lets have a look over its features.


This gadget cannot be considered as the most stylish, but can be the most comfortable watch on the wrist also giving you a funky look. The device is 1.46 inches wide and 0.63 inches thick, which can be a bit bulky, but its comfortable on the wrists. You get with a single green or neon button on the left of the watch body along with three more buttons, two to scroll and one (green or neon) button or the one on the bottom acting as menu button or select button. The device’s screen displays the date, battery life on the right side in smaller fonts.

Common specifications

How this product managed to become a heartthrob of millions of people?

  • It manages to store around 8 hours of your workout time.
  • Nike + connect software, supporting both Windows as well as Mac operating system.
  • Provides you with 8 hours of battery life.
  • 2.4 GHz wireless receiver.
  • As mentioned earlier the device is water and sweat resistant.

What are the pros and cons of Nike+ GPS Watch?

There are many advantages and the disadvantages related to this (Nike+ sports watch GPS) watch.


The pros of this watch are

  • The product can be easily understood and be used without any kind of confusion and it can easily attract the people towards it with its outstanding style and design.
  • The inbuilt software that it comes with is just mind blowing and superb.
  • Battery life plays a major role in any kind of an electronic gadget, and this device comes unique and great battery life.
  • Sweat and water resistant, which is the most important feature for any kind of sport watch.
  • The weight of the watch is also less, so that you don’t face any kind of problem while/after wearing the product, and the weight is around 2.33 oz.


As a coin has two sides, heads and tails, similarly this product also has its two faces advantages and disadvantages, and the cons of this product are

  • Many of the users of this product have said that its GPS can be a bit of concern due to its slow linking.
  • The position shown by the device cannot be considered as accurate all the time.
  • Some of the features are basic with respect to the other devices.

You can get the cool the trending and the stylish Nike watches for men online, not only for men but also for women.

Are you thinking of the price and the actual stylish Nike watches for men / women? where can you find the right watch at the right price? Then there is a simple answer infact just one word and that is Amazon, yes you heard it right. Amazon can be considered as perfect for getting the Nike watches for Men on cheap not only due to its offers period but also at regular periods.


Nike watches for men at one and the only Amazon, as it is considered as one of the leading sites  on the internet which provides with many kinds of products at really reasonable prices. And in Amazon you get great varieties of Nike watches which can be easily affordable by an individual with the great offers not only by the Nike but also by the Amazon, so that Amazon visitors get the products at the cheapest rate possible.


Now, as you know about the Nike watches for men, its price and the best site where you can get the product at cheap and reasonable price, you can look forward to get this cool device on your wrist, and manage your workouts to the fullest, and the best thing about the product is its warranty as it comes with a 1 year limited warranty. So just the stuff you need to do is, loosen your wallet a bit and enjoy your workout with one of the coolest accessory presented by Nike.


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  1. I usually search Men watches on Google but I never seen any sport watch from any renowned brand. After reading your blog I came to know that Nike is also producing high quality sport watches for men. Thank You for your share. I’m going to bookmark it :)

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